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Pet Grooming Agreement

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Terms and conditions

  • The owner confirms that their pet’s vaccination is up to date when dropped for grooming.
  • Owner agrees to inform The Groom Room Gisborne if their pet is aggressive or has ever bitten someone.
  • Owner MUST disclose if their pet has any health or medical condition.  The Groom Room Gisborne will not be held responsible for any kind of aggravation of any pre-existing condition, any injury, or any stressful effects that grooming may have upon an elderly, unhealthy, or infirm pet
  • Owner is expected to ensure that their pet’s fur is not matted.  Matts left in a pet’s coat are not only painful to remove but only get worse with time if left unattended.  Owner agrees that matts can be difficult to remove, may require the skin to be shaved and removing a heavily matted coat also includes the risk of cuts.  There is an additional charge for de-matting and will only be done if it is safe for your pet.
  • The Groom Room Gisborne reserves the right to use any photograph or video while your pet is under our care on any media or platform.
  • The Groom Room Gisborne will not be held responsible for any kind of infections/irritations or not fully expressed anal glands.
  • If the payment is not received, The Groom Room Gisborne will initiate collection procedures, which the Owner will be liable to cover.